Thursday, May 03, 2007

To M

Your words rest like
Feathers on a page
And I, a willing Gretel
Cradle each one
Fragile in my open palm.
I find you again

I met you first
In the desert sands
Where sun and dust
Pleased our skin
And the world disappeared
Behind a purplish haze.

I met you
Then in the mist
where we breathed in
nature's wash of life
Visitors to Eden
Close and warm
Beneath the limbs
Of forest oracles

I heard your voice
Whisper poems in the night
Your lips moved hot and close
As I tossed to find your hand
two restless souls dancing out
Some kind of synchronicity
Now powerless to cupid's will

And then as if surprised
Beyond these pages
Your heart was familiar still
As real as the tear upon my cheek
Your eyes as deep as the
Words I'd held with hope
And who can tell
How close these souls will keep?
©Julie Walker 2007

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