Saturday, April 01, 2006

How to post

If you have accepted an invitation to post* on this site - please follow this format:

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You can of course leave out the title if you wish. (But do not leave out the author).

Add a byline if you wish - use italics.

I also add a date and time I wrote the poem - you do not have to, but you may put your own copyright statement on the poem. Use compose mode, and make it small and use an ampersand followed by copy and a semicolon ( & copy ; © ) for the circled c.

For example:

- Nicholas

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How to join the site and post

If you have received an email from me that says:

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You should be able click the supplied link once, and become a contributor to the website.

Blogger is a very popular weblog tool that is easy enough to use. You just type your poems in to the editing window in compose mode, and then Publish it. You can normally edit your own posts but to be sure, only post poems in their final form. It may be in your interests to not repost if you can avoid it, otherwise half your audience will see the wrong work! Or perhaps that is your post-modern agenda.

Once a poem a day is being posted to the site, outstanding invitations will be closed off, so if you are interested, get it set up and post your first poem. Break the ice.


jan oskar hansen said...

A Dog Called Bambi

The TV is on in the kitchen, I’m in the living room,
a song contest, wild applause for even the most banal
of songs, the dog is on the terrace now she scratches
at the door wants to come in, I refuse to let her in,
other dogs have to sleep outdoor at night she can’t
stay on the terrace for an hour. She doesn’t give up
irritated I open the door she hurries past me in case
I give her a little kick, sighs and curl up on her blanket
in the hall. I try to write, no luck, the dog comes in
put her head on my knee, lift eyebrows, Roger Moore
style…friends? ““Sure girl,” I pat her head, together we
go into the kitchen I open a bottle of wine she put her
head on my foot; goes to sleep, after awhile my foot
sleeps too and I can’t reach the remote, but I have to
get up, reluctantly she lifts her head waits for me to get
my things together and put her head on my foot again,
bloody dog wish she wouldn’t scratch that door

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?