Friday, October 27, 2006

Jerry Beale


it’s just a boat

...a silly flaky old upturned

boat that someone has turned upside

but look at how the keel droops with
the weight of so many voyages,

spearing into the shingle, he says.

this is music for the eyes.

look - can you see how each plank kisses
the other...softly.

as if they were born of the same
(they were, I interject)

come, sit beside me upon this ancient beam
before it disappears into the earth.

if you close your eyes and inhale

you can hear the murmurings of
old ghosts...

soaked in her bones.

the final breath of every fish;

dip your imagination into the haemorrhaged skies
of every day’s end.

he is silent now. i think he’s
weeping, tears rattling like

feet upon the stones, lungs tearing,

hands quarrelling like angry lobsters...

they had to take the sea into their hearts.
my children, he said...

the sea has swallowed them.

he chokes.

Now i am silent. i cannot bring them back old man.
but i will stay upon the upturned boat

with you

this afternoon

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nicholas said...

Welcome to JERRY BEALE - our new POET CHAIR.

Really enjoyed this poem - thankyou so very much for this wonderful contribution. Look forward to more...