Friday, June 01, 2007

Editors Note


The recent articles posted on were appreciated, but contributors are reminded that they are most welcome to post poems on this site. If you want to publish an article on it must be submitted to the editor first. We try and keep articles few and poems many.

The aim of the website is to collect the works of Auckland Poets and allow them to independently publish a body of work into a communal blog site that will list their work on major search engines.

If you have a video camera reading a poem to camera and posting it on youtube makes it easy to post it and feature it on this site and it is a most welcome medium. Just a microphone? Poetry is all about your voice. Let's hear it. Link your myspace page here. Poets with a "Chair" (the right to post, there are very few of you currently) can feature their myspace page on this site.

The blogosphere includes a site search bar, and try entering the names of any of our poets and see what happens. You can be included in our collection, we will still be building it in ten years! And your work will still be locatable on the web.

To become part of this site, just send me three poems, or one particularly good one and suggest you be considered for a tenure, a "Chair". There are limited places.

If you knock my socks off, and it gets onto the site - and when you have published several in this way, you may get an invite to post yourself. This means you are responsible for posting to the site yourself. Now it is up to you.

Those who want to read classical poetry should publish it on paper. The net is good for something else, and this site intends to produce it with you.

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