Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Letter from the Editor


The Editor is calling for more poets from more diverse cultures posting their sounds to this site.

Newly Featured sections

Poetry Chambers including

Classical Poetry - check out Kim Randell's popular blog
Modernism - Chaos & Matter - try anything once
Post Modernism - Richard Taylor - sublime mastery

Article Links Preserved

At the end of any page, you can now navigate the articles we accept for publication. As this is a poetry site, articles are short lived on the site font page (one or two days maximum) but are listed following the poetry (for quite some time).


By popular demand - the back catalogue is now open - for a limited time you can read poetry posted to this site over the past few years - or search for a whole load of poems by any one of our writers (or by subject matter for that matter).

Want to see more of this on this site ?

1. Bukowski - Armchair speak - WARNING - content may offend

2. Performance VIDEO - Tom Waits

3. Poetry Blog of the week

Read: Jack Ross's beautiful blog -

4. News

Shane Koyczan

Please comment on what you want to contribute / see more often on this site...

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