Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bernard Kyle


Lost Sunday 5th March 1995, America's Cup, San Diego.

[ with update 15th February 2003 ]

[C] Bernard V. Kyle , 2003.

"Well Bugger me," The Kiwi said,
The Ocker looked askance,
The Pom Sat up and stared ahead,
And the Yank, just did a Dance .

The Kiwi stroked a stubbled chin,
The Ocker didn't cry,
The Pom just had another can,
While the Yankee said, "Bye Bye."

Now this was not a pretty sight,
Upon the mighty Main,
A good ship going to her doom,
Where many Ships have lain.

For with broken back, alas alack,
That Aussie boat did go,
To see old Davy Jones & Co,
In his Locker, down below.

But the Crew all lived, to sail again,
For the Land, of the Young and Free,
By pulling digit, P D Q
And diving in the sea..!

Now Kiwis wept, and barely slept,
To see a sight so tragic,
But fate will have a trick in store,
For that Kiwi boat, "Black Magic."

Update America's Cup, Auckland N.Z.,
15th & 28th February, 2003.

Now Murphy's law, can sure apply,
To make one scowl, or even cry,
For you saw that Kiwi, with his bucket,
Oh 'Bloody Hell,' and 'Goddam stuff it .'
[there's a better rhyme !]

Now I've said before, in sport it's clear,
One day you'll win, and buy the beer,
Then comes the day, the mast gets busted,
Yep, the whole damn thing, just turns to custard !

So it's some day up, and some day down,
When that cheeky smile, becomes the frown,
But whate'er befalls, in that sporting quest,
You can't do more, than do your best.

And after all, you win, - you lose,
You're 'Cock A Hoop' - or got the blues,
But in days ahead, a few, not more,
You may hope to God, they forget the Score !

[Go, The Black Boat...]

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