Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bernard V Kyle

Bernard V Kyle
[c] 2006

A verse may enthrall few people at all,
And receive, it would seem, the cold shoulder,
Yet that very verse, may achieve the reverse,
And enchant, some other beholder.

Now a haiku or two, may satisfy you,
While some, may yearn for the Quatrain,
A search for Lanturne, may then make one yearn,
To explore the lure of the Cinquain.

But with many a verse, in many a form,
There's a world of poetic pleasure,
To let one recite, all sweetness & light
The joy of some poetic treasure.

1 comment:

Kim Randell said...

Yay! Carry on ,Bernard!!!
You have gone the whole yard,
And told'em all where to get off!
Your rhyme and your rhythm
Put them in a tail-spin.
Can y'hear them just splutter and cough?

Seldom now is a poet
Who shows that he knows it,
The true inner soul of a poem.
The thing that transports you
And shows you the whole view,
The feeling that you're, at last, home.