Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bernie Kyle

To the Trees - FAREWELL.
Bernard Vance Kyle
They were trees of more than a hundred years, on a central city plot,
A legacy from days gone by, but not really worth a lot,
And now they ' hindered progress,' or so some tried to say ,
By growing on a building site, & being in the way.
Yet despite the protestations, of caring city folk,
The wish to save those ancient trees was rated as a joke,
The chain saw hummed, the trees succumbed,
In a rabid fierce onslaught,
And the retention of a heritage, then simply came to naught.
So on this butchered city site, yet another tower will rise,
Apartments soaring upwards, sixteen stories to the skies
No leafy bough will be there now, no bird song as before,
Just the concrete jungle, engulfing more & more.
[C] Bernard Vance Kyle 2006

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