Wednesday, May 02, 2007


White chalk wiping slate clean
Blackboard erased stardust glitter windswept
Flu season powder puff sniffles
Runny pug noses snotty hanky-panky

Clouds clinging to each other
Uptight hugs squeeze box folds
Polka dot accordion pleat bellows
Paper aircraft landing strip plowed

Crystals sticking to outspread wings
Seedpod flakes seeking absolute perfection
Invisible circles undercover angel traces
Sparkly haloes disconnected nimbus radiance

One-way river of no return
Lids pried open eyeballs drowned
Hooked on transparent fish line
Shame dangling vertically resolved horizontally

Grown cold transmigratory souls adrift
Icicle splinters dripping lonely angst
Bladed feet walking on water
Making endless figure 8 grooves

Wind-chill numbness exposing naked truths
Snowfall uplifting jacketed childhood spirit
Soaped sled rudders whizzing downhill
Frosted cakewalk slippery eel pratfalls

Wild beast separated from herd
Trampled grassroots leaving no hoofprints
Entrapped Minotaur inescapable snowbound maze
Rebutting wayward hedged in tameness

Dr. Charles Frederickson

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