Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Darryn John Murphy

New Zealand

As we unite as one nation beneath the southern skies
We will look to the horizon and hold our heads with pride
For the essence of our country
Is present in our cities, towns, and homes
And we will carry it with pride wherever we may roam

For we are a land of many people
But united we are one. We will triumph over adversity
For we are proud of heritage. For we know where we have been
As a nation have endured the greatest hardships
And yet the essence of our nation
Has always been present in our lives

For there is beauty in abundance
From our snow covered mountain ranges
To the wide open plains and our shores
The spirit of our country
Will be present in every brook and every stream

For the spirit that is our country
Will always be present in the hearts
Of every one of us who. Call New Zealand home
And as we look to the future where our hopes and dreams reside
The pride of this great nation will always be present by our sides
Darryn John Murphy

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