Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Paula Sfeir


I don´t mind waiting for him and he loves it-
At three o´clock he wakes me up, touching my arm
Near his wonderful long fingers and I can´t stop-
His size his movement,his release:

He rings my bells like a golden bird flying,
Hugging my ivory bones so I could feel him one more time-
In time our relationship will end up near ashes.
He will stop kissing me in tune and banish white-

I think he loves me in spite of his words,
He knows for sure we will stop some day-
He will leave folding his shirts becoming grotesque.
And my heart will cry creating a blue lake

Because he wouldn't desire my black cave anymore.
I realize know what will be his problem:
He will think I am invisible,
Because for him I am inferior-

I have been holding him in bed,
So he will get scared!

Jelly Beans

When you said goodbye I painted myself into black tones,
Where we, stripped silver and exact, came loud by water,
Like white rabbits and their Arab rugs as cover.
It was good for two years, our happenings- But know
As if nothing had occurred, as if
Other black peacocks got inside my puzzle in between
Our jelly beans,
Our strange beds cried your strength by me.
I had nothing to say to you with remorse or guilt
As we hung up yesterday taking one last breath.

Crying as a tot in the nightgown you bought
I visualized your caresses, step by step.
You died yesterday and got swallowed by worms.
Us ended in a split of a second-
As I woke up, woke up reddish brown-
I erased your name; I erased your organs and all.
I conserve you in a wood box;
Our past rests in a bone pot,
Near my house and our hotel.

Our love

His touch of sand-blue color
And insides blackened and glowed up
In between-near addictions and purple remedies;
There was no way of knowing if we would
Come on top or behind
Or inside out by green lace-
That lace,glued and kissed us,

Glued as bright stars: They
Have a unique view,
A green song faced down
On top of water, then after
Love´s sake we fled-near the blue sea-
King crabs,tropical fish,avian
And sea gulls,swam,their way

On top of each other to face the morning sun.

Paula Sfeir

Bio: I am from Santiago de Chile , raised in México City.Appeared or going to be on:S.M.U.T. Magazine,The International Journal of Erotica,www.muse-apprentice-guild.com.www.erotica-readers.com(Poetry Gallery), Aesthetica Magazine,Edifice WRECKED, The Literary Sybarite : Erotic Poetry and Prose Poetic Diversity , peacockblue.com, bluefood.cc , in the Anthology Desconstruction Quarterly , Zygote in my coffee and Word Riot.