Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bernard Kyle


In the performance of ones ministrations,
Ones hand will come to the fore,
It will wave a welcoming gesture,
As it hastens to open the door,
It will grasp the hand of a comrade
And tend him as a true friend,
It will shake on a deal to confirm it for real
And sign the deal when it's penned.

It can tweak the ball for a 'leggie,'
And reverse it for one from the 'off,'
And while It may cover the sneezing,
It can also stifle the cough,
It's able to do all those odd things,
That involve both front & behind,
But don't ask me to more specific,
Or I'll tell you to please "never mind !

It can push the tiller to starboard
And haul on the sheet to the main,
It will lift up the cup when having a sup
And dazzle with legerdemain,
It will scratch that bit where it itches,
And rub that troublesome part,
Not to mention caress, a bit more or less,
When it comes to affairs of the heart..

So give praise through the land to the right & left hand,
For these and the acts I've omitted,
You'll see how one needs to acknowledge the deeds
Of the appendage with which we are fitted,
For from tying the shoes, to playing the blues,
In all tasks, both mundane and grand,
We're needing dexterity combined with celerity
In those wonderful right and left hands,

Copyright © 2004 by Bernard V Kyle

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