Saturday, December 03, 2005

Bernard Kyle



Bernard V Kyle
[c] 2002

Oh Mighty Stag on yonder Crag,
Thy stately form Elates,
And shows the World and All Therein,
What He above Creates.

For the Silhouette, that there Unfolds,
Is a sight from Times Primeval,
Against a moon that's waxes Full,
And Shines on things Coeval.

That Haughty head with Antlers Poised,
A'reaching for the Sky,
Enables that most Noble Stance,
The Dangers to Defy.


Yet be Aware and take good Care,
For Terrors lurk in Hiding,
For both Man and Beast and none the Least,
In ev'ry place abiding.

But Stag and Hind and all your Kind,
Have Graced us down the Ages,
So Pray continue on your Way,
As the World with Terror Rages.


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