Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hyde Park


Shadow cast a languid palette
Of colours, clear and incandescent.
Grey freen, mottled and blue
Impressionist eye held the view.
Through tall grasses dancing
In Parks expanse leading,
My eye to follow a shadow to a water fountain
In reflective notes, it played happily in the fountain.
And cheerful droplets rose to lead
Ones eye to the great leafy
Guardians of the park, heavy
with their summer spread,
For the human need
To escape the heat
of the day near complete.


Layers green, deep and pale
Leading to sky, blue and dove-tail.
Rest in grass, tall and summer lent
Sink into universe, each breath spent.
In summer idyll of childhood tree
Each year expanse, reaching down to me.
Arm in arm, far flung and home
I'll not forget the majesty shown,
And if a return was made
There you'd be out-stretched arm
Welcoming me.

- sarahsmith

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