Sunday, December 14, 2008

Auckland City Elevator

Auckland City Elevator

Unapproachable and air-locked
Strutting for calculation and expectation
Hold the door, I'm going up
Yes yes yes, I happen to be well informed on the subject
Yes yes yes, I happen to be wearing a flagrant tie
Stripes and spots, blotch and blemish
Wipe it off and start again.

Mulish stares plus too pleasant an 'excuse me'
Equals people I will never know
Never talk to, never meet
We don’t share this planet
If we never make eye contact
Look up, look up, look up and see
The million individual experiences and sentiments
All could be you
Just open your mouth
Chew the cud, chew the cud, they say
Rats and children, we think we are
But above the pavement ceiling
Emotion, love, life, time to breathe
Air can't be sold
So breathe
Quit only cherishing that which cost a crisp twenty
And love what's free
What's life
Live, for fuck's sake
I tell myself
And stop. Turn around. Go home.
Give my dog a hug.
Listen to the cars


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