Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gmail - Poetry submission

Bernard V. Kyle.
[C] 2006

It's a threatening, grey, winter's day,
There's that leaking, window pane,
The gale is screaming,on its way,
And flinging, sheets of rain,
The trees bend forth, and back & forth,
The leaves, fly out of sight,
There's not one bird, seen, or heard,
Contesting, Nature's might.
The deluge seems, to never end,
The threat of flood, abounds,
So farmers haste, to move their stock,
Up to, the higher grounds.
The sea becomes, a foaming mass,
Waves race, before the storm,
While we just stay , & scan the scene,
And thank God, we're dry & warm.
But thoughts go forth to travellers all,
And those , upon the sea,
We trust good fortune's guided them,
To some place, of great safety.
The lightning sets, the sky alight,
Loud thunder's, close behind,
How near that last strike must have been,
Engages, every mind.
For in the path, of Nature's wrath,
With the chaos, seen this day,
The call is there, for care, & Prayer,
Till this storm, is on its away.