Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bernie Kyle

Bernard V. Kyle
[C 2007]

After the fray, there cometh the day
To silence all Oz, & the mockers,
For the ABs & Ferns, have both taken turns,
And triumphed all over the 'Ockers.'

Now coming up, there looms a World Cup,
When poor play, just wont have the clout,
For no prize, is awarded for second,
And that's, what it's now, all about.

So gird up the loins, protect, chest & groins,
And with support from pakeha, whanau, & iwi
Play to your best, when put to the Test,
And give them a touch, of real Kiwi.

1 comment:

Nicholas said...

Once again, Bernie - you teach the rest of us how the rhyme works in your poems - wonder if there are any more instant poetic reactions to the match.