Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nicholas Alexander


as he walks past, he can see we are important
us trophy wives, branded metal steed and significant attire
the watch that says it all
See the Napoleonic resolve stir as he gets behind the wheel,
and we get out there and do things

It was words of course
Broken words that clashed over the right side of summer
Words that told them what to hope for
Out for the day like children they mount their iron steeds
and race into the intersection foot to metal
insipid wealth adorned with structure

The words were written all over their deeds
The smashing of sentences across the ceiling
woke the children from sleeping and dreaming
of days when families where supposed to sing together

These boys burn shining rubber and
don visors to keep them young through summer
Pay advisors and bankers to keep them in champers
Pick up mail order brides with picnic hampers
Spend nights drinking at the waterfront bar
The Late Great Holy Roman Empire

done weary of driving,
its been another four hours
spent in the passenger seat
being second fiddle to this
persistent as a mistress
there is no end to the road
music too loud as usual
the smell of oiled leather

another small town passes and nobody sees it

She is now sleeping so he turned down Aerosmith
it was time to to see what this baby can do
leather to metal rubber to road the feeling of speed building

The hotel room awaits
Like a chapel, like a womb

October 29th 10:40am

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