Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dr. Charles Frederickson


Interminable mind-boggling voyage circumnavigating globe
Perusing travelogues embossed hardcover atlases
Whale of tale library classics
Avoiding nauseous seasickness distressing travail

Earthborn into secure landlocked circumstance
Lubbers faraway from oceans favoring
Freshwater lakes over great fishpond
Yellow-belly sunfish to killer sharks

Words cannot express wondrous vastitude
Fathomable depths craving subterranean exploration
Invaded privacy craving familiar comforts
Trailblazer adventures dusted off restacked

Nacreous pearly shells forced open
Exposing ordinary grain of sand
Inverted arc insipid drained rainbows
Windfall leaves reconnected to branches

Waterfall pouring in wrong direction
Figure 8 hourglass flipped downside-up
Counterclockwise about face running late
Compass pointing every which way

Stay-at-homestead safeguards never venturing beyond
Penthouse escaping through bookworm passages
Landlocked conscience surrounded by recalled
Ports National Geographic vain denials

Pristine illusions shattered glass shards
Plastic debris peeled bottle flotsam
Coastline swashed garbage patch discards
Dying coral kelp forest depleted

Dr. Charles Frederickson

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