Thursday, February 14, 2008

Want to post your poems?

If you want to post poems - you can. This site is only for original poetry under your copyright that you are free to add and delete via a gmail account.

The "main site" on accepts contributions which are then edited and a selection of contributions are then published in its home page current edition.

We invite those who want to publish poetry or to read it to go to for the future and refer to this site for the extended archive that leads back to year dot about eight years ago.

The members of this blog site have mostly transferred to the main site, so as well as the "history" of AucklandPoetry - post to this site if your work is extremely experimental, avante guarde. Please note you do have the ability to post and remove your work by joining either site and controlling the posting and editing. If your work vanishes from the site you can simply update it with another post. We have always had the policy that users of the site are using our publishing banner to then expose their and other's work and charge nothing.


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