Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bernie Kyle

Bernard V Kyle
[C] 2004

In all fields of human endeavour,
When we strive as we do, for perfection,
What greater the need, than to really take heed,
Of someone, who'll give us direction.

A guide, a friend, and a mentor,
A council, one can approach,
One who is there to assist us,
Who's known to all, as "The COACH."

An Instructor who guides all our efforts,
Who helps, when it comes to the test,
Who'll have to retrain, & renew the pain,
When we perform well short of our best.

But the fans are demanding successes,
And support falls away when we fail,
So few are doubtng the adage,
That 'To WIN', is the real Holy Grail,

And when there's success - or there's failure,
The Coach gets the cheers - or the jeers,
But he keeps on getting reminded,
It's being 'Top Team," which endears,

So there's really just two kinds of Coaches,
The one, who's been summoned - and fired,
And the other who's watching & waiting,
For the day, whe he's likewise retired.
[ He = She ]

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