Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gemma Millar

Hidden Scars

This is life,
You have to play this game,
You don’t have a choice anyway,
Your life, your part - has no mercy,
It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do,
Life will find you.
Do your best, act your nicest, be at your brightest.
Go home everyday, and pray to the lord that it’s enough.
Hide the pain, no one really wants to know about it, or really know you.
Hold it all inside, put a smile back on that face.
Take off those rose coloured glasses, and stare it all in the face.
Play the game that is life, play along with your friends.
Pretend until it feels real.
Perhaps the pain shall subside if it is ignored.
Perhaps you will be the ignored if you don’t keep the pain appropriately hidden.
Do not break the barrier.
Others will tell you the pain is comfortable, as long as nothing has to change.
Especially themselves.

Choose your path; be a silent warrior, or the hero that stood against the rest.

Gemma Millar © 27.07.2006

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