Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bernie Kyle

Bernard V Kyle © 2004

Now worldly wealth, is naught without health,
So I'm researching supplementation,
It appears there's a pill for nigh ev'ry ill,
That afflict the folk of this nation.

There's vitamins A B & C, along with mixed E,
And the help of the sun to make D,
But please heed the need, of a frequent fish feed,
To provide your Omega 3!

Now I really should state the need for folate,
The minerals, iron, & protein,
But feel free with green tea, and if you agree,
Limit the carbs & caffeine.

I need glutathione, then calcium for bone,
With antioxidants being discussed,
And I've given a pledge to increase fruit and veg.,
So I think that I'm getting things sussed !

But I really should say, that we need A.L.A,,
And probiotics are being applauded,
But where'er I look, in many a book,
There are so many things being lauded.

But what's this I see, the right one for me ?
This resveratrol stuff, sounds fine,
I may sound morose, but I could overdose,
For it's here, in my glass of red wine !!

So I'll abandon my quest. For that which is best,
And the search for this, that, and the other,
For with great self denial, I'll run a 'resveratrol trial'
And bequeath all those books to another.


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nicholas said...

reformatted this poem in the site style - let us know if it has come out all right?