Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bill Nelson

Lack Of Passion

How do you keep your fingernails so clean?
I don't, the dirt simply falls away;
I guess it gets disinterested and disintegrates;

How did you come by such an impressive vechicle?
I only drive it on Sundays, the seats are very uncomfortable;
I have a white van for driving to and from work;

Where else do you go in your van?
To the supermarket, to the dairy, to the fish and chip shop;
Places like that, easily locatable places;

Why so many pockets in your trousers?
That is where I keep my tools, every pocket holds a specific tool;
I can reach them easily in an emergency;

How did you get that scar on you cheek?
A long time ago I thought about something for too long;
That was a mistake;

Why is that timing device analogue?
Digital things require batteries, batteries fail;
My tools can not fail;

On your CV you put your name and phone at the top;
Underneath, only the words 'Lack of Passion';
I am confused?

In this business that is all I need.

Bill Nelson is a guest AucklandPoet who wants to know if the Tuesday night readings at Grand Central are still happening? Perhaps a google search will find out.

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