Saturday, October 07, 2006

summer grass

Summer Grass.

The TV is in another room a Portuguese woman
reads the evening news, I used to be in love with
her till she slimmed herself scrawny, the only
thing left of her is a pair of enormous lips, while
the dog noisily dreams of chasing rabbits.
Is there life on Jupiter, Mars or Saturn? I do not
know not do I care, but I do know that the man
on the moon is a drag artist called Alf Luna.

Once saw two enraptured hares, sat on the stub
on a dastardly felled olive tree, watching the sun
sink into the sea; even a blasé sparrow hawk was
so impressed that it stopped, for a few seconds,
chasing lesser birds. On a grassy knoll a beautiful
mare stood looking down into the dale soon she
would be mother again, doesn’t care about the sex
of her baby, as long as it’s a healthy foal.

Once I saw an elephant, conducting a symphony
(the whole works) but only it and other elephants
could understand. My dog wakes up by her, own
bark, I do not laugh that only makes her mortified,
but look up to the ceiling…If I could communicate
with animals, share their knowledge (not the one
you need for driving a taxi in London) and music,
I would surely be a better man.

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