Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sonnet to Peace

Sonnet To Peace.

Fog has descended, made the world hushed and tiny,
I’m bumping into Afghan opium peddlers, now in
politics, Palestine street fighters, survivors of various
genocides, and a wise cracking New York Jew who
tells joke against his own people, a goy couldn’t risk
doing that. Dampness has rusted all guns, tanks have
broken tracks and cluster bombs are full of confetti.
The survivors tell their stories, but refrain from making
capital out of it. The Palestinian understand Israel’s
fear and the Haifa dweller accept the Arab’s right to
a homeland; the drug peddler promise to grow potatoes
in his field. The New York comedian laughs. The men
agree to emancipation of women, but only if they will
stop pushing. The mist dispels and the world is as before.

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