Friday, October 13, 2006

enemy within

The Enemy Within.

Walking passed the big mirror in the hall on route to
the kitchen, I saw, in the corner of my left psychic
eye (the right one is blind)) my image turn and look
at me with dislike. Lately it has been trying to invade
my mind with easy, illiberal thoughts:” the poor are
poor because they are lazy, AID victims have only
themselves to blame, Africa’s plight is her own fault,
the Palestinians must stop attacking Israel if they want
peace, Moslems are trying to subvert our democracy.”
I stopped, confronted my image, the stern judgmental
face faded, made way for a slightly more dishevelled
one. No, I’ll not take the easy route, injustice concerns
me; looked at my teeth, yellow, I really have to go
see a dentist… soon.

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