Saturday, October 21, 2006

Captain Time

Captain Time

Thirteen hundred hours, now, how maritime is
that! The Chinese kitchen clock struck One with
a bird song, each hour has got its own bird, but
sadly they sound the same, like a bather whistling
when swimming underwater in Yangtze river..

Only a minute ago it was ten, so why this haste?
Captain time, I’m sitting perfectly still try to slow
down this unseemly speed (even take pills for it),
so much work to do, yet I know the undone is of
little consequence but for my misplaced ambition.

In the night cold wind, loaded with hard pellets of
rain, attacked the outer walls of my fortress home
peeling paint till it exhausted dropped into a coma;
and as my heart lay bleeding on the floor, captain,
time, when desperately needed, was asleep.

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