Monday, October 16, 2006

Burning Bush.

Last evening, big news filling the screen,
a plane crashed into a building in New York,
The great country cowed and trembled in
self inflicted fear, haven’t they seen a plane
crashing into a building before?

Doctors and athletes, supreme confidence,
tend to fall down from the sky, in their little
aeroplanes; a dead a pilot strapped to his seat;
Icarus has landed, he was a Yankees pitcher.
and not son of a god.

Fireman walking purposefully towards
the flames, aware of their status as the top
of the working class heap, act as in a movie
wonder if they have brought their own film
crew, great entertainment, though.

Houses, and whole towns on fire in Palestine
and Lebanon, cluster bombs galore, children
in ruins, dust in open eyes; all this killing,
gets to be tedious, as an overlong, war movie
directed by a leviathan.

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